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A Bridge of Her Own - Carey Heywood A Bridge of Her Own by Carey Heywood

Jane grew up sheltered, shy and really didn't make any major decisions in her own life, trying to be a good girl and please her mother was important to her.

Heading off to college and being so sheltered she entered a relationship and ended up always trying to please him. Wyatt was a a hole, her roomate and bestfriend tried to steer her in the right direction but let her make her own choices.

So I liked the story, I found the writing a bit too much and I wanted to yell at Jane so many times, I was even pissed at her friend for not speaking out more about the relationship.

So the premise of the story was good, but I ended up not enjoying it as much as I could of.

I will say that I do think it was heading in a good direction and I will give the author another chance and take a look to see if she has other books that I could read.

The story does end well and Jane grows up and makes some better decisions and was glad to see this.

I rated it 3 stars as I did enjoy some of it.

About Face (The Wolf Within) - Amy Lee Burgess About Face by Amy Lee Burgess

About Face is part of a series written by Amy Lee Burgess, I was given the opportunity to read her books during a book tour and I was hooked. Amy Lee Burgess brings us reader’s a series that is extremely well written, exciting and I have to say the best series I’ve read this year. I am hooked on this series. It’s one of those series I would go back and reread. Amy Lee Burgess writing is phenomenal, she hooks you in with the characters, and story lines are exciting, and Stanzie is a character you will love and only want the best for her. I can’t say enough about this series and Amy’s writing. Already, I can’t wait for the next book in this series just so I can find out how Stanzie and Murphey are doing. It’s like checking in with old friends.

In About Face Stanzie is heading over to Ireland to find Murphy, they are bond mates and I think he feels Stanzie doesn’t really love him. There is a lot of back story here and I would suggest for anyone reading this review to go purchase the other books to get caught up, I promise you will not be disappointed at all.

About Face is the fifth book in the series and the story only gets better. This series has suspense, drama, romance, secrets and a whole bunch of secondary characters that you enjoy reading about. Did I say I loved this series?

Stanzie is a strong willed woman and for some reason she always get in the thick of things, she is honest, strong and only wants the best for people. Her one wish is to be with her bond mate and be loved. She is a fighter and has to deal with many losses and heartbreak and still fights for what she believes in.

I have rated About Face 5 stars; I actually rate the whole series 5 stars. Amy brings a whole different feeling to the adult werewolves/paranormal genre. I promise you will not be disappointed in the series.

So go purchase: Beneath The Skin, Inside Out, Scratch the Surface, Hidden In Plain Sight and About Face. Like I said it is truly one of the best series I’ve read in awhile, and Amy Lee Burgess is an excellent author, her books well written and editing is done extremely well.
At First Touch - Mattie Dunman At First Touch by Mattie Dunman

At First Touch written by Mattie Dunman is a well written novel, the plot and story line are a bit different from other paranormal romance books I’ve read recently. It was nice to read something different this time.

We first meet Liz and find out that she had been in a terrible car accident and lost her mother. When she awakes from a year long coma she finds out she has a very unique gift. Liz has the ability to read minds, and not only read them, but when a person touches her she sort of downloads all their memories and knowledge into her own brain. At first this is pretty scary for Liz but with time she learns to block the voices she hears in her head. When she touches people it opens up some sort of connection to them and it seems if she wants to connect with them later she could.

Liz and her father move around a lot due to the fear of scientist or government people wanting to get their hands on Liz to use her for their own purposes. Attending a new school in a new town Liz for the first time allows herself to make friends. When she meets Carey she finds out that he is different to and they form a friendship like Liz hasn’t’ had it a long time.

This story is very well written and easy to read; Mattie Dunman has written a wonderful story in the YA genre. It has some twist and turns, full of suspense and a touch of romance. What more could you ask for?

I would recommend At First Touch to anyone who enjoys YA Paranormal Romance to pick up this book. I really enjoyed the story and loved Liz and Carey. I really liked all the secondary characters throughout the story and hope we get to see them again in the future. The ending is great and I really hope we have a book two in this series. I loved that Liz and her father were close and she depended on him. Like most daughter should with their father. It was a fantastic read.

I have rated At First Touch a 4 star rating and I would definitely read anything Mattie Dunman writes. So go out and grab a copy for yourself.
Dark Nebula - W.J. May Dark Nebula (The Chronicles of Kerrigan #2) by W.J. May

Dark Nebula is the second book in the series The Chronicles of Kerrigan, W.J. May has written what I would say is a great addition to this series. I was quite excited to receive a copy to read and review to go along with her blog tour.

Rae who has had time off from school is now returning for a new school year, and she is quite excited about seeing her boyfriend Devon. Even though they have to keep things a secret as they are not allowed to date she just knows this is going to be a great year. We get to see all Rae’s old school friends and even get to meet some new ones.

This book is full of secrets and suspense and I couldn’t put it down.

The cover for the second book is great, I feel like it shows how much Rae has grown and became a bit more independent and accepting of her gifts and tatu.

This series is fantastic, W.J. May writing is superb and the story and plot flows well, once you start reading it you cannot put it down.
Of course I don’t want to give too much away and if you haven’t read Rae of Hope the first book in this series I would say go pick it up.

Rae of Hope and Dark Nebula are both very well written and if you’re looking for a new series to read and fall in love with I would go out and buy them today. I have rated Dark Nebula a 4 star rating and cannot wait to read more in this series.
Nice Girl (Girl Series, #1) - Kate Baum review to follow
Forever Clan (Forever, #3) - January Bain Forever Clan (Forever, #3) by January Bain

Forever Clan is book 3 in the Forever series written by January Bain, her writing is very good; she sure can tell a story. I received the first two books in this series to understand the story lines and who was who. I really liked the way January writes, her stories are well written the plots are well planned out and it very easy to get caught in this series. I loved the fact that not all vampires are glorious sexy wonderful creatures like it most books.

In Forever Clan we meet Sunday Rose, she is a young woman who has put off her school and dreams to come home and take care of her mother. When January’s mother bakes a pie for the new neighbours in town she meets Sean. Sean and Sunday Rose are instantly attracted to each other and we find out fairly fast he is a vampire. But that does not stop Sunday Rose as she knows she wants this man. Their romance heats up pretty fast and they both declare their love for each other Sunday Rose knows this is her forever man, but there is so much more going on in the story with all the character’s that it doesn’t end up just a romance story. Sean has to leave and help his friends and while he’s gone Sunday finds out she is pregnant and is scared. This pregnancy is like no other and things start to happen pretty fast, I laughed a few times as Sunday Rose discovers she needs to eat a lot to keep her growing baby calm.

Meanwhile Sean and Aiden are working on saving his wife and Aiden’s life. There is a whole other story running in the background of Sunday Rose and Sean story. Forever Clan is written so well you get caught up in this story instantly. Of course I could say so much more but then I don’t want to have to write spoiler alerts.

I have rated Forever Clan a 4 stars rating and if you like romance and suspense this is a series to read. January Bain is now one of my favorite authors, and I definitely will be buying anything else she writes. So I recommend anyone who loves to read romance, suspense and vampire novels this is a series you should read.
Honeysuckle Love - S. Walden Honeysuckle Love by S. Walden

First I have to say that this story Honeysuckle Love by S. Walden was fantastic, it is well written, heartbreaking, emotional, and tragic and of course you have to add Love. Honeysuckle Love is a very hard book to put down and I will say I didn’t stop reading it till I knew how the story ended. S. Walden makes you feel emotions with her words and truly end up caring for Clara, praying throughout the novel that things are going to turn around for her and her sister.

We meet Clara and Beatrice and find out right away that their mother has left them, Clara is not really sure where her mom went but she does believe she will return eventually. So for now they must not tell anyone they are on their own, and Clara somehow has to keep things a float. We see Clara trying to pay the bills, buy food for her and her sister and pray the electricity doesn’t get cut off.

Meanwhile she still has to attend high school and work part-time. Here is where we first meet Evan who likes Clara and in his haste to get to know her he turns her life upside down and not always for the good.

I have to say that I loved Clara’s younger sister Beatrice, her character made me laugh at times thinking back to my younger sister it was heart warming.

This novel Honeysuckle Love is a fantastic story about love, loss, depression and mental illness and you are reminded how when you’re struggling and can’t always see a way out and how making a bad decision sometimes feels like the only choice you have.

S. Walden is an incredible author and writes a story that makes you shed a few tears, and it was quite shocking at times, but one thing you have to give Clara is she never really gave up trying. I have rated Honeysuckle Love a 4 star rating and would recommend anyone who reads this review to go purchase this novel as it’s a fantastic story.
Racing to Love: Jesse's Soul (Racing to Love, #2) - Amy Gregory Racing to Love - Jesse's Soul by Amy Gregory

This is the second book I’ve read in the Racing to Love series, Amy Gregory has written another fantastic, heartwarming, and heart wrenching story in this series called Jesse’s Soul. The novel is well written, the story flows easily and it’s hard to put the book down as you get to know each of the characters. Another fantastic part to this story is we get to catch up with Molly and Carter from Racing to Love - Carter's Treasure it’s like visiting with old friends and finding out how they are doing.

Racing to Love – Jesse’s Soul is Emery and Jesse’s story, Jessie is a professional bike racer and we understand that he is hoping someday that he finds love like Molly and Carter. During the first few pages we find out that Jesse’s mechanic has had to leave the team due to family issues. This is quite upsetting to Jesse as his mechanic is the one responsible to keep his bikes in top shape.

In walks Emery Kincaid, his boss’s daughter who happens to be one of the best bike mechanics around. As we get to know Emery we see she is a fiery Irish woman who expects the shop to be run her way and expects the other mechanics and racers to follow her lead. She is hard on herself as she knows it much harder for women in this field and most men hate taking orders from a woman.

The attraction between Jesse and Emery unfolds and we get to see Jesse trying to convince Emery that she should take a chance on him and maybe someday trust him. Emery likes to keep things professional with her racers and is not sure she can trust a man with her heart again.

There is much more to this story, Emery has some secrets and Jesse begins to wonder if maybe there is something wrong with Emery health as she seems tired and exhausted at times. Jesse tries very hard to keep Emery on her toes about their mutual attraction to each other. ……But you will have to read Jesse’s Soul to find how the story goes.

This is a great romance novel, there is many heartfelt moments and at times you worry that Jesse and Emery may not get their happy ever after ending. So pick up a copy of Jesse’s Soul you will not be disappointed.

I have rated this novel a 4 star rating and I cannot wait to read the next book in Racing To love series. Amy Gregory has once proven she is one fantastic author and I really enjoy her writing.
Dare You To - Katie McGarry Dare You To (Pushing the Limits #2) By Katie McGarry

Dare You To is a fantastic read! I was so excited to receive this book I read it instantly then forgot to write my review. Katie McGarry has once again done a terrific job writing book 2 in this series (Pushing Limits). This story is phenomenal and it does not disappoint at all. Katie’s writing is once again perfect, this story flows well of course you love all the characters new and old. I love that she writes in different points of view so we get to know how Beth and Ryan’s thoughts and feelings are. It brings so much more to the story.

This novel is around Beth and I was thrilled that she got her own story. Knowing Beth has lived such a traumatic life and she has made some horrible decision concerning her mother, as the reader you just want Beth to end up having a great life.

So Beth is forced to move to live with her uncle, he cannot take how Beth’s life has turned out, and promised her a long time ago he would be there for her. Moving away from her friends and her mother is not something Beth is looking forward too, but at this point she has no choices left to her.

Beth is faced with missing her friends, meeting up with old friends and family, trying to work out her relationship with her uncle and figuring out how she can run away. But to protect her mom Beth knows she has to stay put (for now). When Beth meets Ryan who is nothing like her you could even say he is her opposite, polite, kind, generous and gorgeous, and the attraction between them is mutual. This relationship is like a rollercoaster ride at times, both of them struggling with their own issues and decisions they will need to make for their own future. Can two people from total opposite’s ends of life come together and be happy? Can Beth move on from her past? And will Ryan be able to figure out what he needs to do for his own future? Read and find out.

Katie McGarry has done justice to this series; I loved it as much as Pushing Limits and cannot wait to read more in this series. I have rated it a 5 star rating. So my suggestion is to purchase this Dare You To right away.
Wallbanger - Alice Clayton Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

So this is the first book I've read by the author Alice Clayton, I have to say her writing was easy to read, the story flowed well and the humour was fantastic, I laughed out loud so many times.

A lot of my friends like to include their book boyfriends in their reviews so I thought for this time only I would post the new love of my life.

Here is Clive


Ok so back to my review, Wallbanger is a fun story about a woman named Caroline who has just moved into a new apartment and many nights her sleep is interrupted by her neighbor’s headboard banging against her bedroom wall. The walls are paper thin and you can only imagine what is going on next door.

Caroline hasn't dated for awhile and finds she can't even seem to please herself. She refers to her missing O's and tries hard to figure out how to get her O's back.

Finally meeting her neighbor who is amazingly handsome they begin a friendship and of course the attraction between these two is actually heartwarming.

This novel Wallbanger is actually one of the best books I've read lately and I would recommend anyone who loves a great, funny romance novel this is the novel to read.

The wit and inner dialogue is what I would say some of the best writing I've read lately.

And I have to say again that Clive is one of the best characters I've read lately. The ending of this novel was the best and I laughed out loud.

I've rated Wallbanger a 5 star rating and I suggest you go buy this book if you’re reading my review.
In the Band (Luminescent Juliet #1) - Jean Haus In the Band by Jean Haus

This is the first time I have read anything by Jean Haus and she is an amazing author, this book In the Band was fantastic. Jean writing is easy to read, the characters are great, and this is one of those books you don’t put down till you’re at the end.

In The Band is about a young woman named Riley Middleton who has to give up her dreams of going to college and playing in the school’s marching band. Her mother is struggling, her father has left for a much younger woman and Riley needs to help take care of her sister. Riley attends a local college and has a few great friends who try to help out as much as they can, but you can feel that she is struggling at times and you feel for her. Then her friend suggests Riley auditions to become a drummer in a band. Well it’s not a marching band but Riley goes and tries out. Did I mention Riley is a talented drummer and of course you may guess what happens next?

Riley starts practicing with the band, she knows that a two of her band mates are thrilled she is there, but there is that guitar player Romeo who tells her straight out he is going to do everything in his power to get her to quit. Riley can’t believe this guy is such a jerk, and decides she will do anything to prove him wrong. But even though she can’t stand him there is an attraction to him and of course knows she has to push through that and ignore the jerk. Romeo is swoon worthy and as the reader you can’t wait to see how this all plays out!

This story is about love, loss, moving on and making new dreams. Jean Haus has written a fantastic story and I cannot wait to read more of her writing.

I have rated In the Band 5 stars and recommend anyone who enjoys the new adult genre to go ahead and purchase this novel they will not be disappointed.
Unmasking Maya - Libby Mercer review coming soon.
Edge of Disaster (An Edge Novel, #1) - A.M. Hargrove Edge of Disaster by A.M. Hargrove

Edge of Disaster is written by one of my favorite authors A.M Hargrove, A.M’s writing is fantastic, this story if full of romance, suspense and tragedy. The Edge of Disaster to me is a story about second chances, about making mistakes and learning to forgive yourself and move on from your past. I loved that A.M. Hargrove can write YA science fiction series then a moves over to the adult science fiction genre and now shows us she can also write in the adult contemporary fiction genre. To me this proves A.M. Hargrove is an author to keep your eye on. This book is well written and I couldn’t stop reading it till I reached the very end.

So we first meet Alexia waking up in a very awkward situation and running out the door, her best friend tells her she needs to straighten herself out soon; here we see that Alexia is struggling with things that happened in her past. At work one evening Alexia is serving a table full of people when she meets a handsome man named Pearce Middleton, Pearce is up and coming surgeon who has the most beautiful smoky grey eyes. Pearce is memorized by Alexia and asks her out to dinner. Of course Alexia knows she is in no shape emotionally to date a man like Pearce and turns him down.

Time passes and she literally runs into Pearce again, so she agrees to go have a drink with him, here Alexia informs Pearce that she cannot date him and he deserves so much better than her….and she walks away again.

Next thing you know Alexia is being rushed into the hospital and Pearce cannot believe what he sees and he knows he cannot let her walk away again. Can Alexia figure out who is after her and will Pearce be able to break Alexia walls down and can he prove to Alexia he is in this for the long haul.

This novel is one of A.M. Hargrove finest works and I am without a doubt one of her biggest fans.

I have rated Edge of Disaster a 4.5 star rating. I really would suggest that you go ahead and purchase of copy for yourself. I think that A.M. Hargrove is off to a great start writing adult romance fiction and I cannot wait to read her next book in any genre she writes.

So go buy Edge of Disaster and you will not be disappointed.
Hot Ticket - Olivia Cunning Hot Ticket (Sinners on Tour #3) by Olivia Cunning

This is the 3rd book in the series Sinners on Tour, by Olivia Cunning, so first I will say you should go check out Backstage Pass and Rock Hard the other book in this series. Olivia Cunning has written a steamy, sexy, adult romance series about a heavy metal band. Olivia Cunnings has written some really good novels as I have read a few of them and her writing is great, her stories flow well and you love all her characters, the best thing about her writing is how she carries through with all of them in each book. It’s like catching up with old friends when you pick up the next book. Fantastic!

In Hot Ticket (book 3) this story revolves around Jace Seymour, the bass guitar player of the band Sinners. Jace is the newest member of the band and even though it’s been three years he still feels like they could ask him to leave at anytime. He stays in the background of the band and never really puts himself out there even on stage he prefers to stand back by the drummer. Jace really sells himself short a lot of times, being quiet, he is content and just playing his bass guitar.

In Rock Hard Jace meets Aggie who besides dancing for a living is a Dominatrix and they call her Madame V. Jace has some deep dark secrets and enjoys the BDSM scene, well some of it, he doesn’t want to submit to anyone but he does want to feel pain this is the only emotion he can deal with most of the time. So meeting Aggie and seeing her with a whip he figures this is the woman for him.

The romance between Aggie and Jace is fantastic, she gets him to open up and start dealing with his past. Jace past is heart breaking but through his music he has managed to keep some control over his life, but he never real lets anyone to close. With the help of Aggie and her need to make men to submit to her this is a great romance. The thing is Jace isn’t going to submit and Aggie doesn’t really want to inflict pain towards Jace. As him and Aggie begin to build a relationship they both seem to grow, and secrets of their pasts are told. It’s a really great romance that unfolds between these two.

Olivia Cunning has created a great series, in each book you learn more about the other characters and you get to catch up with everyone, her writing is fantastic. I cannot wait to read more in this series. I have rated Hot Ticket a 4 star rating.
Friends with Benefits (A Sexy Romance Short Story) - Alaina Marks Friends with Benefits by Alaina Marks

This is a short story about a woman named Brandi who needs to find a place to live in 2 weeks, running out of time she puts an ad on Craigs looking for a room to rent.

When Neal see's the ad he responds wondering if he can find a roomate that would consider a friends with benefits kind of deal. He has been hurt and he likes to keep his heart out of things so this is the arrangement that works best for him.

This book is a short story, the authors writing isn't to bad, was easy to read, and it was a cute story.

So what happens when they both end up having feelings for each other? Its against Neal's rules he made for himself, and how does she seperate her feelings? You have to read this to find out.

I have rated it a 3 star rating, the story was short and didn't have a lot of depth in it but it could, I think the author did a good job.
Beneath The Skin - Amy Lee Burgess Beneath The Skin by Amy Lee Burgess

I have to say I am absolutely in love with this series. Amy Lee Burgess is a fantastic author. Her writing is great, she writes a female lead character that has gone through some horrible situations and you end up just wanting the best for her, I just loved her.

This is the first book in the series, and I read it in one afternoon, to be honest I read all 4 of her books in one weekend I couldn't stop reading them. I even emailed Amy to find out when the next book is coming out. OMG I have to wait till April I think she said LOL.

So this novel starts off with us meeting Constance Newcastle aka Stenzie, she seems to always find trouble or get into trouble. She has lost her bond mates in an accident and now she is a ceremony looking for a new bond mate. Meeting up with an old friend she thinks things are going to go her way and she won't end up being alone.

Well that is until he dies! Next thing you know Constance Newcastle is in trouble again and being accused of maybe causing his death.

To save or should I say help her in walks Liam Murphy, a man who doesn't want to bond or be in love, but Constance and Liam end up no choice but to bond.

Their relationship is a bit different and they end up becoming friends and of course a bit more. You just have to read to find out the rest.

Amy Lee Burgess has a total different spin on the wolves in this series and I loved it.

So if you like werewolves, and a great female lead character and some hot and sexy male werewolf’s you should add all Amy's books to your list to read. I would recommend this series to all my friends and followers.