Between The Sheets (Against The Wall #2) - Julie Prestsater Between The Sheets (Against the Wall #2)

This is the story of Mel and Ty and how they find their happy ever after.

Mel is Shelley's best friends from book 1 Against the Wall. The story is still quite romantic and Mel is hilarious.

I will say that what I loved most about this series is how Julie keeps you updated on What is going on with Shelley and Matt.

She gives them their own chapter like the are also part of the story.

This series is definitely one of the and well written series I have read.

Julie Prestsater has down an outstanding job of bringing everyone together from both books and I loved it.

So yes read Mel and Ty's story and you will see what I mean.

I couldn't stop reading this series and read all three books in one day. As we all know that what Sundays are for.