Across the Line - Amy Lee Burgess Across the Line by Amy Lee Burgess

I was given a copy of this book for a honest review, thank you Amy.

Across the Line is book 6 in the series Wolf Within by Amy Lee Burgess, I came across this series by accident a while back and fell in love with it. To me when Amy releases a new book I get quite excited it’s like I get to catch up with some old friends. I absolutely love Amy’s writing. All the books in this series are written beautifully, the plots are exciting, and I love all the character she introduces us to. And of course because I am a big romance junkie I love the romance between the two main characters.
But don’t jump to any conclusion this series is not all about romance, there is suspense, adventure, mystery, humour and much more to this series. Oh did I mention my second favorite kind of book is about wolfs. (I want to be one)!

Across the Line is a fantastic read, the plot and character description are written perfectly, this is a book I never once stopped reading except to fill my coffee cup and do a few other things.

We meet up with Stanzie who is watching her mate and his sister struggle with the death of their best friend and mate. Stanzie is strong and is doing everything she can to help them both get through these dark days. Besides this going on Stanzie has some of her own internal struggles and doesn’t have anyone right now to confide in.

Murphy, Stanzie mate is grieving right now for the loss of his best friend, he has his own past and history that makes him appear quiet and dark at times, but you love him as you get to know him. Murphy loves Stanzie very much but he doesn’t realize that she is not quite sure of his love for her. This relationship is hard at times for both of them the insecurities show but it makes it all that much better when they finally talk.

Then to make matters worse Councillor Allerton calls her to work, Stanzie has to leave to investigate a dispute between two other packs.

As Stanzie and her new work partner begin to investigate the dispute things go astray as usually, Stanzie knows something is going on and needs to figure it out soon. Stanzie always seems to end up either in situations where she could be harmed or gets herself in some kind of trouble, but you are there eyes glued to the pages to see what she is going to do.

Across the Line is once again one of my favorite books this year, I have rated this a 5 star rating and would highly recommend anyone who loves a fantastic, interesting books to go purchase a copy of this book. And if you haven’t read this series I would highly recommend you go purchase the first 5 books in this series.

Amy Lee Burgess once again has written a best seller in my books and I cannot wait to read more from Stanzie and Murphy.