Empty Net (Assassins, #3) - Toni Aleo Empty Net by Toni Aleo

Ok first I have to say that this is probably one of the first reviews I was dying to write and post, but due to my blog tour I had to wait till today to post it. So Toni Aleo is now one of my favorite authors. This woman knows how to write a hot romance story. Her characters are strong women who are independent, work hard and one day hope to find love. And the bonus part of this series is that it revolves around hockey. And who in the world cannot read a book around hot sexy hockey players.

So I suggest anyone who is reading this review to go purchase all 3 books in this series because they are fantastic. Toni’s writing makes your heart thump and blood flow fast, and it brought tears to my eyes, I fell in love with this entire series and all her characters. When you finish one book you want another, I am praying the next book is already written and being edited lol..... I will continue to stalk Toni so I know when it is being released.

So let’s talk about Empty Net, we meet up with Audrey (who we meet in Trying To Score) who is Fallon’s sister. Audrey has been in a relationship with Levy who is a total jerk, and we want her to end things with him instantly. This is hard for her as Audrey loves Levy but she knows he is not any good and their relationship is very one sided.

Then of course we are introduced to Tate (hot goalie), new in town and he is also mending his own type of heartbreak. In a change meeting Audrey and Tate end up meeting in a bar and spend the night together. Audrey and Tate both know that they are each other one night stand and really never expect to see each other again. Audrey is still hoping to patch things up with Levi even though her one night stand was out of this world she tries to forget Tate. She is shocked when she finds out Tate is on the same hockey team her brother in law plays for and tell Tate he must keep their meeting a secret. I cannot say too much more as I don’t like to write spoilers but I will say GO PURCHASE Empty Net!

This story is amazingly written, the turmoil that Audrey faces and has to deal with because of her relationship with Levy and secrets she has kept to herself makes her feel so unworthy of love it breaks your heart, I shed many tears for Audrey. Toni’s writing makes you feel for her characters like they are your friends; I think an author who can make your heart hurt from reading a story means that she is one great author. This series is fantastic!!

Empty Net is an adult read, Toni’s writing is superb, and I would read and buy anything a Toni Aleo writes. Empty Net is full of passion, romance, and heart break.

I have rated Empty Net a 5 star rating as that is the highest I can give this novel, but if I could give a 10 star rating I would. So what else can I write to encourage you the readers to go buy this book, besides a promise you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Toni and I will be posting messages on your page for book 4 -Blue Lines!