Scarred Love - M.S. Brannon Scarred Love (Sulfur Heights #1) by M.S. Brannon

M.S. Brannon debut novel is riveting, emotional, brought tears to my eyes kind of novel. Her writing is fantastic, her characters are well developed this is one of those books you can’t put down. Well I did put down to control the emotional turmoil I was going through. I absolutely love M.S. Brannon’s writing and this series; I cannot wait to read more. Reading the prologue had me hooked.

This is a story of a young woman named Darcie who has suffered from all kinds of abuse growing up. From being raised by a drug addicted mother to being left with her abusive step father. Her life was a living hell!

We meet Reggie who has just rescued Darcie from that hell, and from this point he will make sure she is protected and safe no matter what he has to do. Reggie brings her home to his make shift family and Darcie for the first time feels safe. This story shares with us some of the tragic life Darcie survived and how she moves forward. We meet the Evan’s family and fall in love with all of them.

The love, romance and tragic way Darcie has lived and reading how she has coped and gained strength to go forward is fantastic. We get to meet her brothers and how they all develop their protective side towards Darcie. You absolutely can’t help fall in love with the entire family. I am hoping each brother will have his own story.

The plot is fast paced, everything is written brilliantly. I have rated Scarred Love a 5 star rating. This is the first book in the Sulfur Heights series and I cannot wait to read more.

Fantastic, emotional, riveting, dark, and the romance makes this a top rated novel and the ending was perfect. I definitely recommend Scarred Love to anyone who enjoys the New Adult Contemporary Romance genre.