Reason to Breathe  - Rebecca Donovan I am not sure where to start with this book, it is about abuse/violence.... living and coping with it, choices she makes to stay quiet....and at times it brought tears to my eyes, I gave it 5 stars which I actually did struggle with abit. I was going to rate it lower because of the ending but all I can do is pray there is a sequel. (I did just read there is one coming soon).

Rebecca Donovan writes this story and your emotions are right there when reading Emma's story.

I would say my struggle with this book is that its a highschool girl living in a violent situation and I would not reccomend it at this point to someone who could or has lived in this kind of situation until I know the sequel is out and I have read it. I can't say to much more as I don't want to give away anything. You just have to read it.