The Soother - Elle J. Rossi The Soother (The Brennan Coven Trilogy, #2) by Elle J Rossi

I never had the chance to read the first book in this series, but I did manage to figure everything out. Elle J. Rossi writing is very good, the story flows well and before you know it you’re swept into this story.

Calliope is a fantastic main character; I loved so much about her, she is a Soother (witch) and helps in every way she can to ease their pain. Krystoff who is a wizard/vampire and is full of darkness and Calliope knows she has to ease some of his pain. They do say opposites attract. Calliope and Krystoff are instantly attracted to each other and are meant to be together. But Krystoff mother Queen Riona does not agree.

The Soother is full of mystery, romance, good and bad and was one of those books you can’t seem to put down. The side characters in the story are quite interesting and I really cannot wait to read more.

I have to say the descriptions in this story are very well written and you can almost see the places in your head. Elle J. Rossi has done a fantastic job with this series and I for one will be adding Elle to my list of authors to read.

I have rated The Soother (The Brennan Coven Trilogy, #2) 4 stars and would recommend to anyone who enjoy the paranormal genre.