Memory's Wake (Memory's Wake Trilogy #1) - Selina Fenech Memory's Wake (Memory's Wake Trilogy #1) by Selina Fenech

I really want to say the drawings in this book are fantastic; it really helped visualize the story and the character while reading Memory’s Wake. When I finished I went back and took another look as they are fantastic, not only is Selina a great artist she is a great author.

Memory’s Wake reminds me of the world that fairy tales are made out of and like I mentioned above the drawings only added to this fantastic story.

This story is a fantasy novel full of adventure and even some romance, right in the beginning we meet a young girl who somehow has appeared in this mystical land of Avall, Eloryn who is standing there when she appears has no idea how this young girl even got there. Eloryn who is on the run from the hunters because she used magic without authorization knows she must help the young girl or she could be hurt or killed. So they adventure begins. Eloryn name her new friend Memory, Eloryn and Memory have to work together to survive. During their adventure we meet Roen and Will who are some interesting character also.

Memory’s Wake is full of adventure, dragon’s, magic, wizards a mystical world awaits anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre.

I have rated Memory’s Wake a 3.5 star rating, and would recommend anyone who enjoys this genre to pick up a copy for yourself.