Just Good Friends - S.L. Siwik Just Good Friends by S.L. Siwik

This is a debut novel for S.L. Siwik and I have to say I really enjoyed the authors writing. This story is a really good friendship/romance novel. S.L. writing was easy to read, the story flowed seamlessly, I really got caught up in this story and before I knew it I had read the entire book. The plot the story line and the character were all great, I hope there is more to come in this series as I think it was a fantastic read and loved all the other characters.

We meet Audrey who is working two jobs to pay the bills; she is basically living from paycheck to paycheck. She is a waitress during the day then at night stalk shelves at a local store. We find out the Audrey comes from a pretty well off family but left home when she was 18 to head to college and has no desire to return there. She fell in love once only to find out he was cheating on her so she left him too.

Now on her own she is struggling to make ends meet, only having one day off a week she pretty much knows she may never find romance again. She’s not even sure she wants romance at this point, her family and cheating boyfriends does not lead Audrey to believe in love or commitment. One day on a whim she decides to place an ad looking for a friend with benefit situation. She gets quite a few emails, one from a male who wants to set her up with his friend Mike.

So soon we meet Mike who is a police officer and he only agrees to go out and meet Audrey because of his friend John. When they meet he really screws up their first meeting which does not make a very good impression with Audrey. Mike knows he screwed up so he tries to repair the damage he has done. Audrey forgives him but lets him know she can’t forget what he said and decides they can be friends (no benefits).

As the get to know each other on a friendship basis they become quite close, even Mike’s police officer buddies are hanging around her place of work. It is a cute romance novel; I really enjoyed the story and S.L. Siwik writing. I have rated Just Good Friends a 4 star rating and defiantly would like to read more from the author. I would recommend to any of my friends or followers to grab a copy of Just Good Friends by S.L. Siwik.