Assets (Balance Sheet, #1) - Shannon Dermott Assets (Balance Sheet #1) by Shannon Dermott

First let me say I am a fan of Shannon Dermott and love her Young Adult Paranormal series. So when I was offered to read and review her new adult contempary romance novel I immediately wanted a copy to read. I have to say that Shannon transitioned over to the adult romance genre extremely well, this book is fantastic and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series Liabilities (Balance Sheet #2).

We meet Bailey Glicks who is what she calls herself just ordinary, she recently has just left her cheating fiancé and relocated to New York to stay with her best friend from college Lizzy. On New Year’s Eve Bailey and Lizzy head out, tonight was suppose to be Bailey wedding night, feeling a bit out of sorts she ends up in the bathroom with a tall, handsome, sexy man. So embarrassed by what she has done she bolts from the party. It’s quite funny at this point and Lizzy is a fantastic best friend. Bailey is quite ashamed of her actions that night. Set up by Lizzy mom on a blind date Bailey runs into the sexy man from the washroom.

Kalen Brinner is an alpha male, handsome, sexy and Scottish and he want to get to know Bailey. Kalen who is a self made man, rich powerful and normally gets what he wants........wants Bailey. Kalen and Bailey romance is sizzling but there are some secrets and as the reader you can imagine what going to happen. Besides figuring out the relationship Bailey is having a few issues at work auditing a company’s finances she finds some inconsistencies. There is so much going on in the story, Bailey’s work, her relationship with Kalen, her friendship with Matt (Lizzy’s brother) and Kevin her supervisor from work.

When it all comes together, secrets are revealed and at this point we are not sure if Kalen and Bailey will make it through all the secrets.

Assets (Balance Sheet #1) by Shannon Dermott is a fantastic read, I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. I have rated Assets a 4 star rating and would recommend it to anyone who loves romance novels and Shannon Dermott’s writing.