Playing the Maestro - Aubrie Dionne Playing the Maestro by Aubrie Dionne

Reading Playing the Maestro by Aubrie Dionne was a fantastic read, I loved the fact that this romance novel wasn’t about a rock bank but an Orchestra. It was a learning experience just reading about the life of a musician in this setting. Aubrie Dionne’s writing is really good, the plot, characters and the entire story line is well devolved thought out and I found very informative. It was one of those books that you don’t put down till you reach the end.

We meet Melody who is the lead flutist in the orchestra, recently Melody has sworn off men and is trying to stay focused on what she loves…her music. Melody’s life isn’t easy though, money is tight, and she is staying away from all men especially musician and she is a bit worried that someone is out to take or give her position in the orchestra to someone else.

Then in walks Wolf, he is the new conductor from Berlin hired to turn the Orchestra around and to make some money for the company. He is hot, sweet and very sexy. Of course Wolf and Melody do not get off to a good start but you can feel the attraction and know it is only going to get interesting.

This romance begins and we as the readers get to see both sides of Melody and Wolf thoughts, the different points of view was very well written and it made this story so much better. You love Wolf and Melody and only want the best for both of them. There is some romance even a bit of mystery that kept me intrigued.

This story is unique just for the fact that it is based around an orchestra and I really enjoyed it. The romance is sweet, the story is easy to read and very enjoyable. I would definelty recommend Playing with the Maestro to anyone who loves a good romance novel. Also I would like to add that I really enjoyed Aubrie Dionne writing and would read anything she has written or writes in the future.

I have rated Playing the Maestro a 4 star rating.