Alpha Girl - Kate Bloomfield Alpha Girl (Wolfling #1) by Kate Bloomfield

Alpha Girl is a well written novel; I really enjoyed Kate Bloomfield writing. The characters were developed well I ended up really liking Rose and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. This story was medium length read, easy to read and it flowed smoothly. There were parts where I felt some of the story was a bit rushed, but I found I still really enjoyed the story and enjoyed reading about Rose as she came out of her shell.

Rose is quiet, very shy almost appears to be withdrawn, but as the story moves along we see Rose as a mature young woman, she has more confidence and even comes across bold when she is talking to Mr. Stone. Mr. Stone came across a bit odd and was hard for me to like him knowing he was Rose’s teacher. But the difference here is he doesn’t pursue Rose she goes after him.

Her attraction to Mr. Stone was different for me and I wasn’t sure I would enjoy this story because of the teacher/student relationship, but as I got to know Rose and remembered that she is an alpha wolf I put it all in perspective. At first they do feel the attraction but both keep the secret of what they are and it holds them back for a short time.

The romance and attraction between Rose and Mr. Stone happens fairly fast and Rose is the instigator in this, there is some sexual content between the two and will say it was written well. All and all the story kept my attention and I really enjoyed Kate’s writing and definitely will read the second book in this series.

I have rated Alpha Girl 3.5 stars. If you like romance, werewolves then this could be a book for you. Stop by and check it out.