Love Me For Me (Safe Haven, #1) - Kate Laurens Love Me For Me by Kate Lauren's

This novel Love Me For Me is what we consider a new adult romance novel, Kate Lauren's writing is good, story flows well. I would say that it's a story you don't want to stop reading because you want to know what is going to happen and what secrets they are holding on too. I really liked Kate's writing style and got hooked into this story very easily.

We meet Serena and Alex who are both attending college, Alex appears to be drop dead gorgeous and when he talks to Serena she wonders if he is flirting with her. Serena has a past and has some deep dark secrets. Alex also has some secrets he would rather forget. When Alex decides to befriend Serena she is uneasy about this. She has moved far away from her home town hoping to forget her past and her parents. Alex can't seem to stop himself from wanting to be around Serena and pursues her with all he has.

Reading this story is at times was a bit heart breaking when you hear about both their pasts and how they both are trying hard to move on. Alex and Serena's relationship is bumpy and secrets are revealed, Can two people find love and trust when they had none growing up.

When Serena and Alex have to take a trip home can Serena for once stand up for herself, or will Alex come to her rescue?

So if you interested I would recommend you go a head and purchase yourself a copy, it's worth it. I would recommend Love Me For Me to anyone who enjoys the NA Romance genre. I have rated it 4 stars and will definitely checking out Kate Lauren's novels.