Mortality - Kellie Sheridan Mortality by Kellie Sheridan

I’ve never read a zombie book and since watch Walking Dead I thought I might try one. I have nothing to compare this to but I will say that Kellie Sheridan has written a really good book. Her writing flows extremely well, character development is written well and you get to learn a bit of the background on each of the main characters. Mortality is like reading two books in one, it quite interesting.

You first get swept into Savannah’s story, right from the start I really enjoyed reading about Savannah and her friends. Then we meet Zarah, who is more or less alone now and saved by a young man named Liam.

Savannah is with a group of people who are living in a school and so far they are safe from the zombie. And before I forget these zombies’s are not like the ones on tv, some of them are stronger, faster and appear to be a bit smarter. There is a reason for this but you need to read and find out more. So one day Savannah and a few of her friends are asked to run into town to get some medical supplies from the local drug store, they are just thrilled to finally asked to go and do something. So they head off to the drug store and Savannah comes up with the idea they should stop by and check out the medical centre first she really figures that the zombie’s who were they might be gone. Well you know what they say about good intentions things from here just get bad. It’s heartbreaking at times I felt so sorry for Savannah as she feels so guilty for what happens next.

Then there is Zarah who is sitting in class checking out the new boy Liam when they find out about the Zombie’s. Liam gets Zarah out of their school safely and she heads home. When things get really bad for Zarah, she calls Liam to come and get her. On the run trying to stay alive Zarah and Liam run into many obstacles.

So if you like zombie’s this is the book for you. I have rated it a 4 star rating and recommend Mortality by Kellie Sheridan as a must read. Kellie Sheridan has written a fantastic novel and I cannot wait to read more in this series.