Dare You To - Katie McGarry Dare You To (Pushing the Limits #2) By Katie McGarry

Dare You To is a fantastic read! I was so excited to receive this book I read it instantly then forgot to write my review. Katie McGarry has once again done a terrific job writing book 2 in this series (Pushing Limits). This story is phenomenal and it does not disappoint at all. Katie’s writing is once again perfect, this story flows well of course you love all the characters new and old. I love that she writes in different points of view so we get to know how Beth and Ryan’s thoughts and feelings are. It brings so much more to the story.

This novel is around Beth and I was thrilled that she got her own story. Knowing Beth has lived such a traumatic life and she has made some horrible decision concerning her mother, as the reader you just want Beth to end up having a great life.

So Beth is forced to move to live with her uncle, he cannot take how Beth’s life has turned out, and promised her a long time ago he would be there for her. Moving away from her friends and her mother is not something Beth is looking forward too, but at this point she has no choices left to her.

Beth is faced with missing her friends, meeting up with old friends and family, trying to work out her relationship with her uncle and figuring out how she can run away. But to protect her mom Beth knows she has to stay put (for now). When Beth meets Ryan who is nothing like her you could even say he is her opposite, polite, kind, generous and gorgeous, and the attraction between them is mutual. This relationship is like a rollercoaster ride at times, both of them struggling with their own issues and decisions they will need to make for their own future. Can two people from total opposite’s ends of life come together and be happy? Can Beth move on from her past? And will Ryan be able to figure out what he needs to do for his own future? Read and find out.

Katie McGarry has done justice to this series; I loved it as much as Pushing Limits and cannot wait to read more in this series. I have rated it a 5 star rating. So my suggestion is to purchase this Dare You To right away.