Hiding Out - Nicole Andrews Moore Hiding Out by Nicole Andrews Moore

I just recently read Hiding out for a blog tour I have signed up for, Nicole Andrew Moore writing is good, the story flowed well, and character description and plot are well written. This is a contemporary romance novel with a happy ever after ending. These types of stories are what I call my Sunday reading.

The story starts off with us meeting Hailey who is working for an advertising agency in a temp position that her friend secured for her. Hailey hides herself, dressing in baggy clothes, keeps her head down and really doesn’t want to be noticed. Running from a horrific incident Hailey does what she needs to do to feel safe.

Sam Davenport runs his family business, and notices Hailey, seeing that she is skittish he comes up with a plan to involve her in his life. This working relationship is not easy; Sam would love to get closer but doesn’t want to scare Hailey off. When Sam realizes there is something Hailey is hiding from, he asks his company’s investigator to look into Hailey past.

The more Hailey and Sam build their friendship the safer Hailey starts to feel safe. This relationship has a few bumps along the way but it is romantic at times. And Sam really tries to keep his alpha male personality on the back burner not wanting to scare or intimadate Hailey.

But not all things go smoothly, as things are going well for them, someone from Hailey’s past reappears. Danger is closer then they think and the mistake Sam made by digging into her past may end up being the one thing that will tear them apart.

Hiding Out has friendship, romance, suspense, secrets and of course the alpha males so many of us women like reading about. I enjoyed the story and the only thing I did find was the ending seemed a bit rushed but then it was a good ending. So I have rated it a 4 star rating and if you like your romance novels this is defiantly a book to read.