Resonance (Holloway Pack, #2.5) - J.A. Belfield Resonance (Holloway Pack #2.5) by J.A. Belfield

Resonance is short story around the Holloway Pack series. J.A. Belfield writing is good, the story and the characters flow well, easy to read and it was a well written short story. To me it was a bonus before book 3 is released.

Resonance continues right where Blue Moon ended, it is short so it doesn’t take much time to read and worth grabbing a copy.

There is some new information in this story and of course we get to read about Jam and Sean. The scenes between these two are great.
All I can say without giving anything away is this is a series to pick up and read.

J.A. Belfield has written a great short story and I recommend the Holloway Pack series to anyone who enjoys the paranormal genre. I rated it a 4 star rating.