About Face (The Wolf Within) - Amy Lee Burgess About Face by Amy Lee Burgess

About Face is part of a series written by Amy Lee Burgess, I was given the opportunity to read her books during a book tour and I was hooked. Amy Lee Burgess brings us reader’s a series that is extremely well written, exciting and I have to say the best series I’ve read this year. I am hooked on this series. It’s one of those series I would go back and reread. Amy Lee Burgess writing is phenomenal, she hooks you in with the characters, and story lines are exciting, and Stanzie is a character you will love and only want the best for her. I can’t say enough about this series and Amy’s writing. Already, I can’t wait for the next book in this series just so I can find out how Stanzie and Murphey are doing. It’s like checking in with old friends.

In About Face Stanzie is heading over to Ireland to find Murphy, they are bond mates and I think he feels Stanzie doesn’t really love him. There is a lot of back story here and I would suggest for anyone reading this review to go purchase the other books to get caught up, I promise you will not be disappointed at all.

About Face is the fifth book in the series and the story only gets better. This series has suspense, drama, romance, secrets and a whole bunch of secondary characters that you enjoy reading about. Did I say I loved this series?

Stanzie is a strong willed woman and for some reason she always get in the thick of things, she is honest, strong and only wants the best for people. Her one wish is to be with her bond mate and be loved. She is a fighter and has to deal with many losses and heartbreak and still fights for what she believes in.

I have rated About Face 5 stars; I actually rate the whole series 5 stars. Amy brings a whole different feeling to the adult werewolves/paranormal genre. I promise you will not be disappointed in the series.

So go purchase: Beneath The Skin, Inside Out, Scratch the Surface, Hidden In Plain Sight and About Face. Like I said it is truly one of the best series I’ve read in awhile, and Amy Lee Burgess is an excellent author, her books well written and editing is done extremely well.