Eden-South - Janelle Stalder Eden-South by Janelle Stalder

Janelle Stalder has written yet another fantastic book in the Eden series. Eden-South is one of those books that once you start reading it you cannot for the life of you put down. If you enjoy fantasy novels I would say this is a series you need to pick up and read.

Janelle’s writing is truly amazing, she writes many different points of views, her plot and character descriptions are great the story flows so well that there is not a time you need to go back and make sure you didn’t miss anything. Janelle’s writing is flawless....and did I mention fantastic!

Eden-South has a lot going, the return of my favorite characters, and she has even given us a few new ones to meet and get to know. There is suspense, there are some of the OMG moments and of course there is a war in the works. This series is only getting better ............it sucks you in and you end up late for work because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before because you couldn’t stop reading this novel.

I am not a huge fantasy genre fan, but I am a huge fan of Janelle and her writing. Oh did I mention she is fellow Canadian ......anyway I started reading this series because of my friends and I have to say if I knew all fantasy novels were going to be like the Eden series I may actually read more fantasy novels. This is a series you need to pick up and read.

So Eden – South continues from where Eden-West has left off, there is so much going on you will be shocked to learn that Elisa is engaged to Markus! And where is Wolf...OMG moment!!! This is why you need to go read this book!! Eden-South is getting a 5 star rating from me, as it is one of those books that you don’t want to end. I just know there is so much more to come and now that I know the author I will try to send her messages to write faster and get us the next book out soon so I can see what happens next.

If you have not read Eden or Eden-West I suggest you go grab copies now and you are truly in for a great experience.