By My Side - Stephanie Witter By My Side by Stephanie Witter

I have to say I really enjoyed this novel By My Side by Stephanie Witter, the writing was great, the story flowed well and I enjoyed all the characters. Like most romance novels, boy meets girl, they have some issues then they get there happy every after. This story felt different to me. I really enjoyed how the story was based on what was going on in their lives and not entirely around the romance. I mean it is a romance novel none the less but I enjoyed the story quite a bit. I would also like to mention that Stephanie Witter writing is very good her writing was easy to read, and her words at times made me feel real emotions for the characters in this story. This is a story of love, loss, heartache and life feeling out of control.

Lily Saunders life is falling apart, her best friend Andy is acting weird, his older brother Gabe is home who Lily doesn’t get along with and her family life has fallen apart. When Lily needs her best friend for support he isn’t there for her. Gabe steps up and tries to help Lily anyway he can. Gabe has been away at school and Lily can see clearly that he is different, quiet and seems more mature. In the past Gabe and Lily have always argued and for some reason they just don’t get along. But Gabe listens and Lily finds she can tell him anything; they share with each other their sorrows and a real relationship is formed between them. It funny to see how similar they are and how much they paid attention to each other growing up, even if it was yelling at each other.

Lily’s mother, father and best friend have deserted Lily and she has no one but Gabe. This story is heartbreaking at times and I loved Lily’s character, strength and I felt so bad for her being so alone at a young age. But Gabe does step up most of the times and it fantastic reading. I have rated By My Side a 4.5 star rating and I really suggest anyone who reads this and enjoys YA Romance to pick this book up you will not be disappointed.