A Bridge of Her Own - Carey Heywood A Bridge of Her Own by Carey Heywood

Jane grew up sheltered, shy and really didn't make any major decisions in her own life, trying to be a good girl and please her mother was important to her.

Heading off to college and being so sheltered she entered a relationship and ended up always trying to please him. Wyatt was a a hole, her roomate and bestfriend tried to steer her in the right direction but let her make her own choices.

So I liked the story, I found the writing a bit too much and I wanted to yell at Jane so many times, I was even pissed at her friend for not speaking out more about the relationship.

So the premise of the story was good, but I ended up not enjoying it as much as I could of.

I will say that I do think it was heading in a good direction and I will give the author another chance and take a look to see if she has other books that I could read.

The story does end well and Jane grows up and makes some better decisions and was glad to see this.

I rated it 3 stars as I did enjoy some of it.