At First Touch - Mattie Dunman At First Touch by Mattie Dunman

At First Touch written by Mattie Dunman is a well written novel, the plot and story line are a bit different from other paranormal romance books I’ve read recently. It was nice to read something different this time.

We first meet Liz and find out that she had been in a terrible car accident and lost her mother. When she awakes from a year long coma she finds out she has a very unique gift. Liz has the ability to read minds, and not only read them, but when a person touches her she sort of downloads all their memories and knowledge into her own brain. At first this is pretty scary for Liz but with time she learns to block the voices she hears in her head. When she touches people it opens up some sort of connection to them and it seems if she wants to connect with them later she could.

Liz and her father move around a lot due to the fear of scientist or government people wanting to get their hands on Liz to use her for their own purposes. Attending a new school in a new town Liz for the first time allows herself to make friends. When she meets Carey she finds out that he is different to and they form a friendship like Liz hasn’t’ had it a long time.

This story is very well written and easy to read; Mattie Dunman has written a wonderful story in the YA genre. It has some twist and turns, full of suspense and a touch of romance. What more could you ask for?

I would recommend At First Touch to anyone who enjoys YA Paranormal Romance to pick up this book. I really enjoyed the story and loved Liz and Carey. I really liked all the secondary characters throughout the story and hope we get to see them again in the future. The ending is great and I really hope we have a book two in this series. I loved that Liz and her father were close and she depended on him. Like most daughter should with their father. It was a fantastic read.

I have rated At First Touch a 4 star rating and I would definitely read anything Mattie Dunman writes. So go out and grab a copy for yourself.