Inside Out - Amy Lee Burgess Inside Out by Amy Lee Burgess (The Wolf Within Book 4)

Inside Out is book four in the Wolf Within series, and I have to say it was also the first book that I’ve read written by Amy Lee Burgess. Her writing is great; I was swept into the story right from the beginning. The words flowed easily, the character descriptions are well written and I loved the entire story.

We meet Stanzie as you find out her past you see she has gone through so much already in her life that your hearts goes out to her, I knew immediately I loved this character and her personality. As you read you find out that Stanzie is alone and heartbroken, her bond mate has left her and she clearly is missing him more then she lets on.

During the story you find out a bit how and why he left and my god you want them back together. Even though Liam is not in this story, reading about what happened makes you pray they end up together it really heartbreaking that she lets him go.

So Stanzie who is now alone is sent out to investigate what is going on in her home pack, she knows this is going to be hard as she was kicked out of her pack many years ago. But she does what she needs to do and heads home. While she is there she is reunited with a few close friends, but she see’s and deep down knows something is definitely wrong. The more she digs the more danger she puts herself in. Inside Out is full of suspense and mystery I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. This book is one of those stories you stay up half the night reading as you really need to know what is going on.

Now I have to admit this was the first book in this series that I read, so I knew probably after the first chapter that I needed to go purchase the other three books right away. I will say that I was not disappointed at all and it was money well spent. The Wolf Within series is now one of my favorite series. Amy Lee Burgess is one great author and her writing is top of the line. I would read anything she writes.

I really think everyone should go out and buy Beneath The Skin, Scratch the Surface, Hidden In Plain Sight and Inside Out. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series and on that note I also hope that Stanzie and Liam are reunited as it would break my heart if they don’t end up together.

So I have rated Inside Out a 4.5 star rating and my followers please add this series to your to be read list as it is so worth it. Fantastic, Amazing, Suspenseful, and truly one of the best paranormal series I’ve read.