Honeysuckle Love - S. Walden Honeysuckle Love by S. Walden

First I have to say that this story Honeysuckle Love by S. Walden was fantastic, it is well written, heartbreaking, emotional, and tragic and of course you have to add Love. Honeysuckle Love is a very hard book to put down and I will say I didn’t stop reading it till I knew how the story ended. S. Walden makes you feel emotions with her words and truly end up caring for Clara, praying throughout the novel that things are going to turn around for her and her sister.

We meet Clara and Beatrice and find out right away that their mother has left them, Clara is not really sure where her mom went but she does believe she will return eventually. So for now they must not tell anyone they are on their own, and Clara somehow has to keep things a float. We see Clara trying to pay the bills, buy food for her and her sister and pray the electricity doesn’t get cut off.

Meanwhile she still has to attend high school and work part-time. Here is where we first meet Evan who likes Clara and in his haste to get to know her he turns her life upside down and not always for the good.

I have to say that I loved Clara’s younger sister Beatrice, her character made me laugh at times thinking back to my younger sister it was heart warming.

This novel Honeysuckle Love is a fantastic story about love, loss, depression and mental illness and you are reminded how when you’re struggling and can’t always see a way out and how making a bad decision sometimes feels like the only choice you have.

S. Walden is an incredible author and writes a story that makes you shed a few tears, and it was quite shocking at times, but one thing you have to give Clara is she never really gave up trying. I have rated Honeysuckle Love a 4 star rating and would recommend anyone who reads this review to go purchase this novel as it’s a fantastic story.