Edge of Disaster (An Edge Novel, #1) - A.M. Hargrove Edge of Disaster by A.M. Hargrove

Edge of Disaster is written by one of my favorite authors A.M Hargrove, A.M’s writing is fantastic, this story if full of romance, suspense and tragedy. The Edge of Disaster to me is a story about second chances, about making mistakes and learning to forgive yourself and move on from your past. I loved that A.M. Hargrove can write YA science fiction series then a moves over to the adult science fiction genre and now shows us she can also write in the adult contemporary fiction genre. To me this proves A.M. Hargrove is an author to keep your eye on. This book is well written and I couldn’t stop reading it till I reached the very end.

So we first meet Alexia waking up in a very awkward situation and running out the door, her best friend tells her she needs to straighten herself out soon; here we see that Alexia is struggling with things that happened in her past. At work one evening Alexia is serving a table full of people when she meets a handsome man named Pearce Middleton, Pearce is up and coming surgeon who has the most beautiful smoky grey eyes. Pearce is memorized by Alexia and asks her out to dinner. Of course Alexia knows she is in no shape emotionally to date a man like Pearce and turns him down.

Time passes and she literally runs into Pearce again, so she agrees to go have a drink with him, here Alexia informs Pearce that she cannot date him and he deserves so much better than her….and she walks away again.

Next thing you know Alexia is being rushed into the hospital and Pearce cannot believe what he sees and he knows he cannot let her walk away again. Can Alexia figure out who is after her and will Pearce be able to break Alexia walls down and can he prove to Alexia he is in this for the long haul.

This novel is one of A.M. Hargrove finest works and I am without a doubt one of her biggest fans.

I have rated Edge of Disaster a 4.5 star rating. I really would suggest that you go ahead and purchase of copy for yourself. I think that A.M. Hargrove is off to a great start writing adult romance fiction and I cannot wait to read her next book in any genre she writes.

So go buy Edge of Disaster and you will not be disappointed.