Hot Ticket - Olivia Cunning Hot Ticket (Sinners on Tour #3) by Olivia Cunning

This is the 3rd book in the series Sinners on Tour, by Olivia Cunning, so first I will say you should go check out Backstage Pass and Rock Hard the other book in this series. Olivia Cunning has written a steamy, sexy, adult romance series about a heavy metal band. Olivia Cunnings has written some really good novels as I have read a few of them and her writing is great, her stories flow well and you love all her characters, the best thing about her writing is how she carries through with all of them in each book. It’s like catching up with old friends when you pick up the next book. Fantastic!

In Hot Ticket (book 3) this story revolves around Jace Seymour, the bass guitar player of the band Sinners. Jace is the newest member of the band and even though it’s been three years he still feels like they could ask him to leave at anytime. He stays in the background of the band and never really puts himself out there even on stage he prefers to stand back by the drummer. Jace really sells himself short a lot of times, being quiet, he is content and just playing his bass guitar.

In Rock Hard Jace meets Aggie who besides dancing for a living is a Dominatrix and they call her Madame V. Jace has some deep dark secrets and enjoys the BDSM scene, well some of it, he doesn’t want to submit to anyone but he does want to feel pain this is the only emotion he can deal with most of the time. So meeting Aggie and seeing her with a whip he figures this is the woman for him.

The romance between Aggie and Jace is fantastic, she gets him to open up and start dealing with his past. Jace past is heart breaking but through his music he has managed to keep some control over his life, but he never real lets anyone to close. With the help of Aggie and her need to make men to submit to her this is a great romance. The thing is Jace isn’t going to submit and Aggie doesn’t really want to inflict pain towards Jace. As him and Aggie begin to build a relationship they both seem to grow, and secrets of their pasts are told. It’s a really great romance that unfolds between these two.

Olivia Cunning has created a great series, in each book you learn more about the other characters and you get to catch up with everyone, her writing is fantastic. I cannot wait to read more in this series. I have rated Hot Ticket a 4 star rating.