In Bed with the Opposition - Stephanie Draven In Bed with the Opposition by Stephanie Draven

First I have to say this book really surprised me, I thoroughly enjoyed Stephanie Draven’s writing, it flows well, the character descriptions were great and you felt like you got to meet everyone and understood their personalities good or bad. This novel is filled with romance and politics. And yet it’s a great story and I really got into it. I had a hard time putting it down and stayed up a bit late so I could finish it.

We meet Grace, she was attending school to become a lawyer but ended up dropping out, now she is back home working on a political campaign with the one man she thinks she is madly in love with. Grace is funny, loves her lists and pretty much is waiting around for Ethan. Ethan and Grace’s relationship is more like a friend with benefits situation but she really believes eventually he will step up and pick her.

Then Grace runs into a man she met in school name Ethan who she had a lot of fun with but the relationship ended badly. As her and Ethan reconnect you see why she had so much fun with him, he really made her let go. Ethan decides to stay in town and work on the opposition’s campaign so he can be close to Grace. Of course nothing is easy for Grace and Ethan some secrets are revealed and Grace has to figure out what she wants for herself.

In Bed with the Opposition is a great read, I would recommend anyone who loves a good romance story to pick this one up. I definitely will be reading anything Stephanie Draven writes as I said before I thoroughly enjoyed the novel.