Not Quite Dating (Not Quite series) - Catherine Bybee Not Quite Dating by Catherine Bybee

Not Quite Dating is a contempory romance novel, Catherine Bybee’s writing is easy to read and the story flows seamlessly, it is some wonderful writing. I really liked all the characters involved in this story and felt like you really got to know everyone and of course want the best for them. I always think highly of authors who can make you laugh out loud and get so involved in the story that you cannot put this book down till you reach the end.

Jessie is a single mom that works hard to make sure she can give her son and younger sister everything they need. Life has been a struggle to make ends meet and Jessie works very hard to supply her family with the basic needs of life.

Jack who is a very rich man is tired of woman only wanting him for his money. Out celebrating with his friends they end up stopping by Jessie’s workplace and he makes it appears that he may just be some cowboy. He befriends Jessie and doesn’t tell her anything about his life and tries to get Jessie out on a date. Of course Jessie informs him she is looking for more in a man and doesn’t think he is her type.
His whole plan backfires, now he finds himself helping Jessie find a stable, well off man, the friendship and feelings that develop between these two is actually sweet and makes you laugh at the situation Jack has put himself in.

Lies, betrayal and romance, Not Quite Dating is a great read, I enjoyed Jessie and Jack’s story, I really enjoyed Catherine Bybee writing and cannot wait to read more from her and hopefully all the other characters in this novel will get their own stories.

I have rated Not Quite Dating a 4 star rating, and recommend this to anyone who enjoys romance novels this one is worth it.