6 Seconds of Life - Tonya Fitzharris 6 Seconds of Life by Tonya Fitzharris

I have to say first I don’t even know where to start with this review besides WOW!!

Tonya Fitzharris has shared with us a very emotional, well written novel. 6 Seconds of Life is a book that you must or I may even say should read. The plot was well written, characters in her book were described beautifully and at times it was disheartening to me what Maura had gone through.

So not to give anything away but Maura is at the end and cannot handle anything more and decides to jump off a bridge and end the pain, this story is about the memories she has her last 6 seconds of life. I have to commend Tonya Fitzharris in writing this deep, dark novel and say you have done a fantastic job. I’ve said in a few reviews that if an author can make you feel true feelings that she is one terrific author, job well done Tonya.

You see flashes of Maura’s life in high school through College and its friggen heart breaking to see how she came up with the decision to end it all. Even as I write this review thinking of this story it brings tears to my eyes. I was pissed at her parents, her friends and just plain pissed that someone so young had to face so much, OMG this poor girl.

Maura character is written so well you feel like your reading about a very real person not a character in a book, the things she has had to deal with in her young life broke my heart , the depression and lack of self worth is clear as you read this novel. I bet there are many young people who can relate to some of the feelings Maura has and hope and pray for anyone who experiences some of these feelings can reach out and get help before the contemplate suicide.

I could go on and on about 6 Seconds of Life and Tonya’s writing but all I will say is that I highly recommend this book and I mean highly. It’s worth the cost and the time it takes to read Maura’s story.

I have rated 6 Seconds of Life a 5 star rating, I can’t forget parts of this book and I truly felt for Maura and her pain seemed so real to me. And I really was shocked with the ending!

Go now to Amazon and pick up a copy.