Holiday Affair - Annie Seaton Holiday Affair by Annie Seaton

This is the first book I’ve read by Annie Seaton and I do have to say she is one damn great author. Her descriptions made me want to go on a holiday on a sail boat and find my own sailor. Annie writing is good the story flows extremely well and I have to say I really enjoyed Holiday Affair.

We meet Lissy McIntyre who has just lost her grandfather and has decided to take a vacation on the open sea. During her trip she meets Nick who she assumes is some sexy sailor/drifter and she ends up having a fling with him. Knowing she will never lay eyes on him again. The chemistry between Nick and Lissy is great and you know reading this that somehow their paths will cross again. Fate works in mysterious ways!!

Back at home the new history teacher slash neighbour is none other the Dr. Dominic Richards aka Nick.

Well let’s say this does not go over smoothly at first and the chemistry is off the charts. Can two people who won’t admit they want each other find their happy ever after?

This is a must read if you enjoy a funny, sexy romance novel this is the one to purchase. I have rated Holiday Affair a 4 star rating and would recommend all my friends/followers who enjoy romance novels to go out and grab yourself a copy I loved it.