Undeniable - Madeline Sheehan Ok so what to write about Undeniable, I seen a few friends were talking about reading this and read the book description; which had me wondering if I would like something like this. So today I purchased it off of Amazon and decided to give it a go.

Well let’s just say I didn't stop reading it till I reached the end.

I only give 5 star ratings to books I will not forget for awhile and this was one of them. The subject matter might be a bit difficult for some but I didn't find it that bad. Yes she is younger than him, and yes they both have pretty messed up lives but it’s all they know. Growing up in this lifestyle is not easy but it is what they both know and understand.

Read the book description and you will understand what I mean.

And yes you may end up hating Deuce as he does cheat, and Eva does make some bad decision and walks out on Deuce a few times.

But what I got most out of this book was even though they are bikers and they are bad guys, you can see that they actually love/care/protect each other. They may be messed up but family is family even when your family is group of bikers.

I loved that Deuce and Eva loved each so much and never ever forgot that, through years of bad decision on both parts you still really really want Deuce and Eva together in the end.

So what can I say but go buy this book right away. Go Go Go!

To the author Madeline Sheehan...You are fantastic, your writing is great, I cannot wait to read each book in this series and if you ever need a beta reader or just want to send a new fan a copy to review you can contact me...Please Please!!!!