Under His Skin - Sidney Bristol Under His Skin (So Inked #1) By Sidney Bristol

This is the first time I’ve read a book by Sidney Bristol and I will say her writing is very good, the story and plot flows well and you really enjoy her characters in this story and actually want to learn more about everyone we meet.

We meet Pandora who is a tattoo artist and she has entered a tattoo contest, you can feel that Pandora is very nervous but really wants to win this contest to her it’s not just about winning it more about proving something to herself and others. Right at the beginning you end up wanting her to win. Brian is a rock star with some deep regrets; Brian has lost all his band members in an airplane crash and feels very alone, so he would like a tattoo of his band members as sort of a memorial.

When things don’t turn out the way that is expected Pandora and Brian end up spending the weekend together, Pandora is okay with this as it’s only the weekend. Brian has other plans though he wants more. Both Pandora and Brian have secrets, regrets but you are pulling for them both. I really liked Pandora and Brian as a couple and hope they could get past all their issues. But nothing is that easy as there is always someone who wants nothing more than to get Pandora back.

This novel has romance and suspense meanwhile you’re hoping that in the end Brian and Pandora can find their happiness together.

I really enjoyed Under His Skin, Sidney Bristol is a great writer, I felt for both Brian and Pandora and you have to give the author kudos’s when she can actually make you feel these thing. I want to read more about the other characters and hope the next book in this series is coming out soon.

I have rated Under His Skin a 4 star rating, and am I recommending to anyone who enjoys a fun, suspense, loveable romance to go pick up this novel. I definitely will be checking out Sidney Bristol’s other books.