Violet Midnight - Lynn Rush Violet Midnight by Lynn Rush

Violet Midnight is the beginning of new series that I am looking forward to reading; I found I quite enjoyed Lynn Rush’s writing. The plot, characters, and over all flow of the story was written extremely well, I found myself wrapped up in the novel and read it in one afternoon. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.

So we meet Emma who is attending college by day and fighting vampires by night. She likes to keep a low profile at school and only hanging out with a few friends. This story has a different twist on how Emma hunts vampires; she gets a warning sign from her tattoo on her arm. When the vampires are around Emma’s tattoo’s lights up and she heads off to protect her college campus. Things are changing and Emma is wondering why all the sudden it seems like the vampires are attacking in clusters, with no one to ask and no one to talk too Emma realizes she may have to be a bit more careful. There is a lot more to the story the author shares with the reader how Emma became a hunter and some of her past experiences and you understand why Emma keeps to herself, but being alone is hard on her.

During a house party Emma meets a handsome young man name Jake and there is an instant attraction. Jake watches Emma and happens to see her fighting with three large men, Jake ends up saving Emma from drowning in the pool. Jake doesn’t know all that is going on but he does know that Emma and he may have a few things in common.

As Jake and Emma get to know each other you can feel a great romance starting to blossom, but of course nothing goes that smoothly. Jake’s tattoos are a bit different and he learns there may be darkness around his. Jake and Emma will have to learn to trust each other and have faith in their feelings. When Jake’s parent’s shows up things begin to change and Emma knows she cannot lose him.

Violet Midnight was a fun read, Emma is protective of her roommate, scared of loving and losing people close to her, she is smart independent and one tough woman. I have rated Violet Midnight a 4 star rating and would recommend anyone who loves to read about vampires and vampire hunters this is great novel and series to read.