Shades of Gray: A Jude Magdalyn Novel - L.M. Pruitt This is the first book in the Jude Magdalyn series, it is a really great story, and I absolutely loved it and enjoyed every page.

The humor, wit and sarcasm is some fantastic writing and I truly enjoyed reading Shades of Gray. L.M. Pruitt is an excellent author, the character description are written extremely well you get to know everyone, the story flows so well that you have a hard time putting this book down.

Jude is a really great main character, when we meet her she is working as a fake tarot card reader.... growing up on the streets Jude is a street hustler and knows how to work people. When she meets a man named William and she finds out things about herself and her destiny.

She meets a group of people who are called the Convenant and Jude is taken under leader’s wings to help her learn about herself and powers.

Jude is a fantastic heroine and I love her sarcasm and wit, this is a great read and I recommend everyone to go read this series. Check out the buy links below.