Hainted - Jordan L. Hawk Hainted by Jordan L. Hawk

Hainted is what I would say is an excellent, well written novel by Jordan L. Hawk. This story is full or suspense and of course a romance and paranormal elements. But this is not just a paranormal romance novel, there is a lot more to this story, it was refreshing to read and learn about being a Hainted something new in the paranormal genre.

We meet Dan who has come home from college to take care of his brother and sister when his mother passes away, Dan’s family has being doing Haint work for many years but now his goal is to take care of his brother and sister. Keeping his feelings repressed Dan knows he will never be able to be an openly gay man. Leif who is out trying to stop an evil that has been unleashed, is openly gay and when his and Dan’s life’s cross paths there is an instant attraction between both men. Dan knows he will never allow himself to have a relationship with Leif ….he has so many secrets hidden within himself….and is very worried about the people in the community and the fear of losing his siblings.

There is sadness and heartbreak while you read this story as you want Dan to overcome his issues and find happiness with Leif. I have to say there are times when you may need a Kleenex. I love knowing there is going to be a happy ending and at times I was worried I wasn’t going to see these two men together in the end. But you will have to read it to find out what happens.
This is a fantastic paranormal m/m romance novel, I have given it 4 stars and I definitely will be reading anything Jordan L. Hawk writes as this story was really good. I enjoyed her writing style very much and recommend anyone who enjoys the m/m novels this is a must read.