Mobster's Girl (Mobster, #1) - Amy Rachiele Mobster's Girl by Amy Rachiele

So this is the first book I’ve read by Amy Rachiele, her writing was easy to read, plot and character development was well written, and the story flowed really well. I picked up this book this afternoon and finished it in one sitting with a few cups of coffee.

Mobster’s Girl is about a young woman name Megan who all the sudden notices Antonio is looking at her. Antonio is tall dark and handsome and a bit dangerous young, he is also from a very well off and powerful family in their neighborhood. The title of this book says it all. Antonio remembers meeting Megan when he was 5 years old and is fascinated with her, but years ago he and his friends were warned by his father not to go near her. But you know what happens when parents tell you not to do something…. They talk ………….and Antonio knows he want Megan to be his. Megan knows her parents won’t approve but that doesn’t stop her, she gets butterflies when he smiles at her.

Mobster’s Girl is about romance, coming of age, and finding out sometimes people are not always what they appear. I really enjoyed Megan and Antonio’s love story and cannot wait to read more.
I have to thank Amy Rachiele for listing her book in our group We ♥ YA Books, and offering our members copies to review so thank you. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series Awakening the Mobster which I just found out was released 2 weeks ago.

I have rated Mobster’s Girl a 4 star rating and if I could I would give 4.5 stars.