Forever Love - Deborah  Armstrong Forever Love by Deborah Armstrong

I received this book from the author and Making Connections group to read and write an honest review. Thank you Deborah. Deborah's writing is easy to read, plot and character description are well written, the story flows quite well and I found it an enjoyable read. This appears to be Deborah's debut novel and she has done a terrific job.

In Forever Young we meet Davina Stuart, who is an author and is flying to Los Angeles to talk about a movie script of her bestselling novel Second Harvest. During the flight she meets Quinn who is one of Hollywood’s heartthrobs. Well things only get better from here, Quinn is enthralled with Davi and Davi is just thinking about a handsome young man and maybe a quick one night stand. Quinn cannot believe his luck and feels a connection to Davi instantly. Davi and Quinn spend as much time as they can while Davi is in town and you can see the romance unfolding right before your eyes.

Davi is in her later 40's and cannot believe Quinn wants more than a one night stand, Quinn and Davi's relationship is not something Davi would of thought possible. But of course there are issues they will have to deal with, one being the age difference as she has children close to Quinn age. Also the lifestyle, Davi lives on her ranch and loves the quiet life; she knows she could not do the Hollywood thing.

Can love at first sight be true, can Davi trust this relationship, and will her family be okay with it? Or will they all laugh at her and think she has gone crazy. Can she love again?

Read Forever Love and watch the story unfold; it was quite a good romance novel. There is romance, suspense and even some laughs. I have rated the book a 4 star rating and cannot wait to read the sequel. Which I am hoping is coming soon!