Life Cycle - Zoe Winters Life Cycle ( Preternaturals #4) by Zoe Winters

I really enjoyed Life Cycle, by Zoe Winters her writing is good, the story is well written, easy to read and I found I couldn’t put the book down till I reached the end. The character descriptions were done great and you get to know the main characters quite well and of course cheer for them.

We meet Tam who is a Witch and a cycler (which mean she lives her life over and over like eternal life) but when each life ends she is born again around the age of 12. The great part is she remembers all her past lives. Jack who is evil is out to kill her and steal all her powers. The only way she can think to survive the horrible death that Jack has in mind for her is to die permanently ….. She needs a plan. In walks Cain, he is a tall sexy Demon God who is very powerful. She knows Cain could kill her for good and Tam feels she has no other choice but to request this of him.

Cain has other ideas for Tam, this story is good, I couldn’t put it down till I reached the end. It’s full of suspense, sexual tension and the chemistry between Tam and Cain is fantastic.
This story is great, I have to admit I haven’t read the first three books in this series but after reading Life Cycle I am adding all of Zoe Winters book to my to be read list.

I have rated Life Cycle a 4 star rating and would recommend it to any of my friends and followers who enjoy the adult Paranormal Genre.