The Dragonslayer's Sword - Resa Nelson Dragonslayer's Sword by Resa Nelson

The Dragonslayer is a unique novel, Resa writing is fantastic I was drawn into this world and couldn’t believe I just about passed it up. Resa has created a world of unlike anything that I have read, I would say this novel would be classified as a medieval, fantasy novel. She brings us dragons, shape shifters, ghosts, thieves, dragonslayers and Astrid.

Astrid is a blacksmith who makes swords and weapons for the dragonslayers; she lives a solitary life and does not know anything about her family or life. Things start to change for her and in she has to question everything she things she knows about her past and future. This novel is about Astrid and we get to see her transform into a strong amazing young woman. Her journey is exciting to watch as her confidence grows and her character develops you are cheering for her along the way. I love that Resa has written Astrid with flaws and scars and is not beautiful as most characters in today’s books. This book is worth reading just to experience Astrid.

I have rated these book 4 stars as Resa Nelson has and a creative mind and the inner strength she given Astrid is truly amazing. To me this book wasn’t just about dragons and shape shifters are was about a young woman who rises above her circumstances and becomes her own strong independent woman.