Witch Way to Turn - Karen Y. Bynum Which Way to Turn by Karen Y. Bynum

I really enjoyed Witch Way to Turn and Karen Y. Bynum writing. The plot and characters were well written and the story flowed extremely well. The story is based around Breena and her sister Jenny. Breena and Jenny are living in foster care and their situation is not good. Breena will do anything to keep her sister safe from her abusive foster mother and her boyfriends.

While trying to keep Jenny safe something happens and Breena’s powers are set off. Breena is part witch and her powers seem to draw in other supernatural creatures. Because of her special powers they put her in grave danger and we other supernatural creatures are out to kill her. Jenny, Breena sister is part werewolf and witch, amazingly Jenny can see the auras of other supernatural creatures. When others are send to kill Breena we meet Orin who instead of killing her falls in love and believes Breena is his sole mate. Her coworker Myles is a vampire and he has been secretly in love with her and has been her protector for years. Of course you know this is going to be one fantastic love triangle. (Even though I hate love triangles)

Witch Way to Turn is full of action, suspense, romance and of course the dreaded love triangle….sometimes I wanted Orin and then sometime Myles, it is quite the story. The back and forth just made me want to get to the end of the book so I knew what was going to happen. Karen’s writing held my attention and made me want more. Great writing!

I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. I have rated it a 4 star rating and would recommend it to anyone who love’s paranormal romance with a twist.