Integration (Bonfire Academy, #2) - Imogen Rose Integration (Bonfire Academy #2) by Imogen Rose

Integration is book two of the Bonfire Academy series; this is a fantastic series that should be read. I enjoyed the second book Integration as much as Initiation book one. Imogen Rose is one of my new favorite authors, her writing is excellent, story line flows well and the characters are great. I really enjoy Imogen writing and as soon as I was done reading Intergation I wanted to read the next book in this series.

In this book Cordelia is now working at Bonfire Academy as an apprentice for Professor Bern and continues to be a mentor to Faustine, of course there is someone trying to kill Faustine and Cordelia will spend every moment she can trying to figure out the mystery to make sure no harm comes to her. And to make matters worse she still hasn’t figured out what to do about Jagger and Quinn. Knowing she has to break up with Quinn is harder then she expected considering Quinn has all the sudden disappeared. Then to make matters worse Faustine loses control of her powers and ends in serious trouble.

Integration keeps you wondering who is really after Faustine, this story is full of suspense, a tad bit of romance and some unexpected things happen. I couldn’t stop reading Integration and as soon as I was done I really wanted to read book 3. I love this series and cannot wait to read more. Imogen Rose has proved to me that this is a series to be read. I have rated Integration 5 star rating and would recommend it to anyone who loves paranormal books. This series is full of mystery, suspense, some romance and great friendships. I hope if you’re reading this you will check out both books.