The More I See  - Lisa Mondello The More I See (Book 3 Texas Hearts) by Lisa Mondello

I really enjoyed reading The More I See (Texas Heart series) this book did not disappoint me at all and I found the plots are all a bit different so you never feel like your reading the exact same story. I am now a big fan of Lisa’s writing and will continue to follow this series. I have already taken a look at her other books to see what else I need to read. Lisa Mondello writes good romance novels, you see the characters develop, friendships formed and love blossoms and of course you keep reading as I have to have the happy ever after ending.

This book we meet Lyssa and Cody, Cody who is blind from a chemical accident is not dealing with things well. His family has hired Lyssa to help Cody adjust to life and teach him how to use a Seeing Eye dog.

Cody is not happy and doesn’t want a dog or any help. Lyssa doesn’t give up and truly understand what Cody is going through. As Lyssa and Cody spend more time together they end up becoming friends and learn many things from each other. Before your eyes you see a fantastic relationship evolve. This is a must read.

The Texas Heart series is an easy to read series, with romance, some suspense, you tend not to put these books down till you reach the end. I cannot wait to read more in this series. I have rated The More I See a 4 star rating as I truly enjoy Lisa Mondello writing, and think anyone who loves romance and cowboys need to read this series.