Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright Ok I accidently found this book on goodreads the other day and thought oh this sounds good.

I now must say I have found myself another favorite author...wow Suzanne Wright can tell a story.

This book not only has a good story line but has some hot scenes, I couldn't stop reading this book.

I love werewolfs, I love hot alpha males and added to the story was a great alpha female.

This is an adult book and I loved every word Suzanne has written.

We meet Tayrn who is a latent wolf (she can't shift) her father has made a deal with another alpha of a different pack and pretty much has given Tayrn away. His treatment of her is horrible.

Tayrn who is a strong female hates the alpha she is supposed to mate with.

When an opportunity comes up to mate with another alpha she jumps at the chance, the arrangement is she stays with the new pack for 3 months and then she can move on.

Well of course nothing happens like it is supposed to and her new alpha may be a bit crazy but Tayrn see's this as a way out.

I have to say this story is great, I loved it and as soon as I was done reading Feral Sins I went and made sure I found more of Suzanne's books.

I recommend it to any of my friends who love to read werewolfs, hot sexy alpha men and some great hot scenes.