Maid for Pleasure - Lucy Rodgers Maid For Pleasure by Lucy Rodgers

Maid for Pleasure was an enjoyable read, it was fast paced, well written and I ended up reading this book very quickly, I couldn't put it down until I knew what was going to happen to Libby. Lucy's writing is excellent, descriptions were well written and when she described the Island and the house you could picture the beautiful place in your head. I really enjoyed Lucy Rodgers writing style and will read many more of her books. Maid For Pleasure is a well written erotica/bdsm novel.

Libby has just recently broken up with her boyfriend and is looking for a change, having some time off work and knows she needs a change in her hectic work life she signs up for an online dating site for submissives called Maid For It. Libby plans on staying for 2 weeks to live out her dream of totally letting go and giving control completely over to her dominant, but after two weeks she will return to her real life. We meet Gavin Huntley the dominant...and Libby must submit to this powerful man. At first he has her cleaning and she wonders what type of dominant he was.....was she ever going to get what she wanted? Enjoying her stay and the people she meets Libby cannot believe her time is almost up, wondering how she is going to walk away. Will her family and friends believe Libby is alright? See what happens next!

Maid For Pleasure is a bit dark, has some suspense added in and I really enjoyed Lucy Rodgers writing, I opened this book one afternoon and didn't stop reading it till I reached the end. I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys this genre.