First Visions (Second Sight, #1) - Heather Topham Wood First Visions by Heather Topham Wood

I really enjoyed First Visions written by Heather Topham Wood, her writing was great, and she made me laugh out loud at Kate’s funny and sarcastic dialogue. I’ve always said it takes a great writer to make a reader feel actual emotions while reading a book, and Heather does this well.

We are introduced to Kate; she is a bit of a recluse caused by the media attention she received when she had a vision of where a kidnapped boy was being held. Kate had contracted meningitis and fell into a coma when she woke up she told the police what she had dreamt. Once the media got a hold of this information they wouldn’t leave her alone. Withdrawing from people she decided it was safer staying away plus who wants to go out and see people staring at you thinking you are a freak. The turmoil Kate has lived through has made her witty, sarcastic and speaks her mind, you end up really laughing at some of the comments she makes.

When another child goes missing in walks Jared, a police detective who pleads with Kate to help him, Kate at first denies her talent, the last thing she wants to happen again is to be in the middle of a media circus. Deep down Kate knows she has to try to help Jared and decides it’s time to stop denying her gift and figure out a way to help without letting out her secret. Plus did I mention Jared is very sexy looking.

This book has some great dialogue between Jared and Kate, the friendship and feelings you see start to develop are great. But like everything in life nothing comes that easy for Kate. First she knows Jared has a girlfriend, she knows she needs to get out more and socialize with people her own age. Taking the steps towards opening herself up, trusting that Jared is going to keep his word and no matter what keep her name out of the investigation………… Kate tries to venture out of her comfort zone.

This is a fantastic read; you have a touch of mystery/suspense as your always hoping the find the kidnapped girl. Then you have Kate who is trying to take the step to start living her life again. And just to add some spice to this you have an attraction between Jared and Kate. I have rated First Vision 4.5 stars and cannot wait to read the next book in this series. I highly recommend anyone reading this to go purchase a copy of First Visions.