Shades of Desire (Jude Magdalyn, #2) - L.M. Pruitt Shades of Desire (Jude Magdalyn, #2)by L.M. Pruitt

LM Pruitt's has given us an excellent second novel in the Jude Magdalyn series. Shades of Desire continues off where Shades of Gray ends.

Jude is pregnant and she calls her unborn baby a bump….lol you have to read this book it made me laugh so many times and the wit and sarcasm is written extremely well. When a author can make me smile and laugh out loud you know the writing is good.

So the story continues and young women are being killed and it’s up to Jude to solve this mystery and put an end to the killings. The new police Detective Rhett and William (vampire) are there to help her along the way and did I mention how handsome and sexy these two are.

This book has everything a great story should have, humor, suspense, romance, sex, action, vampires, magic and mystery…need I say more.

I can’t say too much more without putting spoiler warnings, but take my word for it L.M. Pruitt has written a really great story and this is a series I am going to continue to read.

I would recommend anyone who is reading my post to click on the buy links below and pick up a copy for yourself.