What If.. - Kelly Rae What If by Kelly Rae

Kelly Rae writing is really good, I loved this book of course I read it all in one sitting as I always have to know how it’s going to end. Sometime a good romance novel is all I need to have a relaxing day and this book did not disappoint. This is Kelly’s debut novel, I enjoyed her writing style and loved the characters and the descriptions were well written. I would say excellent writing Kelly and thank you for letting me read and review your book.

So What If....what if you walk into a room and see the boy you love kissing a girl....and then you call home crying asking your dad to come pick you up. What If he never makes it to you? Oh god poor Katie heart at the moment is broken by the two men she loved the most in this world. This had me and I had to read it.

So ten years you move back to your home town, and low and behold so has the love of your life. What If you still have feelings for him? And to be honest not all feelings are good. Laying blame on the one who destroyed your life or so you think. Can Katie and Chris find each other again, can Katie forgot and forgive. Does Chris even know what happened? OMG you have to read this book...What If.....

Ok so I loved this story...go purchase it now! Excellent debut novel by Kelly Rae.