Rae of Hope - W.J. May Rae of Hope by W.J. May

W.J. May has written a story filled with magic, suspense, and a touch of romance, I thoroughly enjoyed Rae of Hope. The writing was good, character description were well written that you felt you knew everyone well. The story flowed extremely well and I was quite shocked when I realized I was at the end. W.J. May’s writing is really good, and I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

Rae who has experienced the loss of her parents has been living with her aunt and uncle in New York since she was 6 years old; she has had a good life and has no complaints. So when she receives an acceptance letter to the Guilder Boarding School in England she is not sure why her uncle applied for her to attend there, but doesn’t question him.

When she arrives we meet her new roommate Molly who becomes a great friend to Rae and ends up very important to her. Of course there are many other great characters in this book and they are also very well written so you get to know them. As Rae learns more about the school and her own families history she is shocked to find out her father was a pretty evil man and all the people in her school teachers and classmates seem to know more about her family then she does.

Trying to prove that she is not her father’s daughter Rae knows she is good deep inside. Now the waiting begins as everyone is watching to see what happens to Rae when she turns sixteen, as this is when they get their powers; and her powers may be extreme. This is all I can say without writing spoiler alerts. Rae of Hope is a must read and I suggest you go grab a copy.

I recommend Rae of Hope to anyone who loves YA Paranormal and its worth every cent you may have to pay for it. I have rated it a 4 out of 5 and only thing I can say that I didn’t like is that I wish it didn’t end so fast. Now to find out when the next book comes out?