Between Lions and Lambs - N.T. McQueen Between Lion & Lambs by N.T. McQueen

I have to say when I first decided to read this book, Between Lion and Lambs I wasn’t sure it would be the type of book I would enjoy. I am so glad that I picked it up and read it. The author has given us a fantastic read, and his writing is superb. The characters and the story line were well written, and once I started reading Between Lion and Lambs I couldn’t put it down.

Between Lions and Lambs is a story two men and what a story it is, we meet Ezekiel who becomes a television evangelist and builds up quite the business, behind the scenes though he is into prostitutes, alcohol, and oh the lies he tells. His best friend Gerald who happens to be his publicist works hard keeping the secrets and lies under the rug so to speak. Meanwhile Gerald has his own worries and is struggling with some of the decision he has made for this friendship. Will his conscience get the better of him?

This novel is about relationships, religion, friendship and trust….it makes you sit back and wonder about TV evangelists and why do we trust certain people? N.T. McQueen’s writing is fantastic, his writing style is easy to read, he tells us this story by looking into the past and present day his technique made me the reader understand the main character’s and some of the choices they have made.

Between Lion & Lambs is a fantastic read you will not be disappointed at all. It really makes you think and I have to say I enjoyed Nate’s writing style and would read anything he writes.

I have rated this novel a 4 star rating and recommend it a great read.