I'm Yours (Bold As Love, #2) - Lindsay Paige I’m Yours by Lindsay Paige is the second book in the Bold as Love Series, this book continues about six month after Sweetness ends.

I found this story to be more about Emily and Jake relationship which I thoroughly enjoyed. The relationship is going along great and like any great romance novel they do hit a few bumps along the road. They are faced with some challenges and have a huge decision make, and then on top of that Emily’s old love pop’s up and wants to talk to Emily over dinner.

You have to wonder if Emily and Jake can make it through these tough times.

The romance and love in I’m Yours feels very realistic and Lindsay once again has written a fantastic romance novel. I gave I’m Yours another 4 star rating. This is a great YA romance novel and I think anyone who loves this genre should go buy it .........you will not be disappointed.